Ganga Kalyana Scheme

Ganga Kalyana Scheme



Ganga Kalyana Individual Irrigation Borewell Scheme:-

       Under the scheme, irrigation facilities will be provided to the agricultural lands owned by the small and marginal Scheduled Tribes

farmers by drilling borewell/ digging open well, followed by installation of pump sets and accessories with due energization

       The unit cost is fixed @ Rs.4.50 lakhs in respect of Bangalore urban, Bangalore Rural, Ramanagara, Kolar, Chikkaballapur and Tumkur

Districts where ground water table is depleted.  In respect of other districts, the unit cost is Rs.3.50 lakhs.  The unit cost comprises of

energisation cost of Rs.0.50 lakh, Loan of Rs.0.50 lakh and remaining amount will be the subsidy.  The loan carries interest @6% per

annum repayable by the beneficiaries along with the principal amount in 12 half yearly instalments.


Lift Irrigation Scheme:-



     Irrigation facility will be provided to the lands owned by the small and marginal ST farmers from nearby river/nala by drawing pipeline

from the water source and installing pump motor and accessories with due energization.  The unit cost is fixed at Rs.4.00 lakhs for the

units consisting up to 8-00 acres of land and at Rs.6.00 lakhs for the units up to 15-00 acres of land.  The entire cost under the scheme is

treated as a subsidy.

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